Your New Portable Kitchen – 12 Volt Travel Appliances

Your New Portable Kitchen – 12 Volt Travel Appliances

Now it’s easier than ever to prepare a fresh hot healthy meal in your car, truck, RV or anywhere you can find a 12V strength source.

Folks have been using their 12 volt coolers as portable refrigerators for quite some time. There are many factors to consider when choosing a cooler/warmer that’s right for you. I say cooler/warmer because many 12 volt coolers can also keep stuff warm. The most shared use has been mentioned, a portable refrigerator. Many of these coolers are intended to stand on end just like a real refrigerator and are capable of cooling up to 40 degrees below the ambient temperature. This method that you can be comfortable in your means and not have to worry that your food might spoil. There are many sizes and styles obtainable to choose from. You may also be considering a 12 volt rechargeable cooler. That’s a great choice for those who enjoy a day picnic or hiking trip. You may decide to buy an AC to DC converter so that you may charge your cooler over the night before your trip in your house. Charging can take up to 5 hours depending on the form of cooler you choose.

I can’t start my day without a fresh hot cup of coffee and I do not like moment. Yuk! I’m a die hard perker so when I take a trip I’m sure to have my 12 volt coffee maker with me. There’s nothing to it. Just like a normal coffee maker in your kitchen, add water and coffee grounds and turn it on. These coffee makers plug directly into your 12 volt cigar lighter socket. There are many 12 volt coffee makers to choose from. I do not recommend using your coffee maker while operating your means or while in a means that’s in motion. complete hot pots of coffee at high speeds is never a great idea.

Are you a fresh fruit and vegetable drink fanatic? This can be just as rewarding as a big breakfast and a strong cup of coffee. Not the breakfast kind? A strength lunch might be on your menu once you begin looking at 12 volt blenders. Great for all of your shared blender uses when preparing a meal or snack, the 12 volt blender is a great addition to your mobile kitchen. While you may not get the super fine juicing results of a real fruit/veggie juicer it is the next best thing. Home juicer owners may consider a 12V DC to 110V AC strength inverter to opperate your juicer while traveling.

What’s next? Ahhh yes, time to cook up some of that great food you have been keeping cool in your 12 volt cooler. Once again there are many options and many factors to consider when choosing the 12 volt cooking accessories that are right for you. There are 12 volt frying pans w/lid, 12 volt sauce/popcorn pans w/lid, 12 volt stoves, 12 volt ovens and 12 volt slow cookers. There are already aluminum pans made just for use with the 12 volt ovens.

There are many 12 volt cigar lighter socket multipliers/multiplexers to choose from so you can have a socket for every one of your 12 volt kitchen items. Something that many people don’t think about or maybe they just don’t know about is strength supply and safety. If you aren’t careful when hooking up all of your 12 volt stuff you could very well end up with a big problem. You must take into consideration the strength requirements of each item you intend to strength up. Most means wiring is only rated for 20-30 amps. What does this average for you? Well if you plug a few things in and blow a fuse when you turn them on you need more strength. Installing a larger fuse may work but it may also help you to create a means fire. You must ensure that the wire leading to and from the fuse can manager the strength you will now be putting by it.

12 volt strength recommendations. This is just a fleeting description about installing more 12 volt strength options in your car, truck or RV. Some mechanical skills are required to perform this work. You should install a new 12 volt outlet for each appliance or device you intend to function. This is a very simple task for most truckers and car travelers, RVs are just as easy but running your new wire may be a bit more time consuming. If you plan to install several new 12 volt strength outlets in the same general area you may consider picking up a small automotive fuse block. In most situations running (from your vehicles positive battery terminal) a length of 8 gauge strength wire. A car amplifier installation kit is a great way to pick up the desired 8 gauge wire. Do not connect the wire to the battery until EVERYTHING else is done. Run your new wire from the battery compartment to the area where you will install your new fuse block. Once your fuse block is all wired up and your new 12 volt sockets are installed and properly connected to your fuse block you can hook up your new strength wire to your means battery.

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