Tribes by Seth Godin Book Review

Tribes by Seth Godin Book Review

Are you a leader? Do you want to be a leader? Need to find a way to motivate your followers? Then you need to read Tribe by Seth Godin. His book on leadership is a handbook on how to build a movement from the ground up with an engaged group of followers that he affectionately calls your Tribe.

According to Godin, there are three things necessary for a great tribe to come into existence.

First, motivate your tribe. Give them a vision for what you want your Tribe to look like. Throughout the book, Godin discusses different methods of people creating a vision for the future.

One of the most evocative examples of motivating your tribe comes from Nathan Winograd. He helped create from the bottom up no kill animal shelters across the country. He did it by sticking to his principles and demonstrating those principles to his tribe until they were motivated to do the same.

Second, use communication tools at your disposal to ensure that you can communicate with your tribe and they can communicate with you. The ability to communicate is basic to a tribes success. Without the tribe receiving quality information they will not have the ideas that can motivate them to succeed.

Especially in today’s world of social networking, voice over internet phones, pod casting, moment messaging, videos, text messages, and a plethora of new method of communication, technology is changing the shape and form of new tribes today, so you can connect similar people throughout the globe.

Third, do not micromanage. Let your tribe take your message that you have communicated to them and make it their own. Let them proportion it with their network and grow naturally. They will come up with new, inventive methods for getting the information out about your mission and spread your world faster and farther than you could possibly imagine.

We started this article about leaders and it only makes sense that we finish the conversation on the idea that a leader today who does not use these principles in some degree to build their organization will be severely limited in how they approach their goals. In the end, it does not matter if your tribe has 10 people or 10000 people. What matters is how you rule a small group of devoted people can turn a small tribe into a worldwide movement. All you need is one leader.

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