The Wonders of Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplant

The Wonders of Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplant

A Stem Cell transplant can really do wonders when treating patients whose stem cells are weakened or extirpated by some chronic or genetic disease. Stem Cells have the ability to multiply their kind and recreate other cell types like red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. There are various supplies of stem cells, today. Bone Marrow was considered as the dominant source of stem cells till other supplies were discovered. These can be successfully retrieved from Peripheral blood and Cord Blood. For a transplant the stem cells can either be taken from the bone marrow of the patient himself or from a donor.

The Umbilical Cord Blood is a healthy and easy source of stem cells these days. The cord blood and the placenta are a high source of stem cells that can be retrieved, processed and stored. This cord blood is easily obtained at the time of birth of the baby and as such does not harm the delivery course of action, the mother and the baby in any ways.

Today cord blood stem cells are used for the treatment of multiple diseases like Leukemia and Lymhomas. In addition, they are also advantageous for the treatment of diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson , Stroke, Lou Grehig and other spinal cord injuries.

A stem cell transplant is a procedure by which the “Master Cells” are transfused into the body of the patient. The best part about this kind of transplant is that it need not be a perfect match for the patient. The reason is that the immune cells found in the cord blood are less mature as compared to the stem cells obtained from other resources. Secondly, a patient undergoing a cord blood transplant is at a lesser risk of capturing any infection at the time of transfusion.

The cord blood stored at the time of birth is extremely advantageous for the child in addition as for other members of the family. This blood can be easily stored and used already after 10 years of storage. But in case of peripheral blood or bone marrow transplant, a compatible donor is needed and it might take a lot of time, perhaps a few months for getting a appropriate match. however, for a Cord Blood Transplant there is no restriction of finding a perfect match.

Any body can be caught up with a life threatening disease in his life. So in order to cop up with future ailments, it is always safe to take precautionary measures and one such way is to save Umbilical Cord Blood.

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