The Construction Litigation, the Privilege of Workers and Arbitration

The Construction Litigation, the Privilege of Workers and Arbitration

Disputes can be reduced by proper pre contract preparation, for example, by ensuring that the information and contracts are clear and complete account, and that both parties understand their roles and responsibilities from the outset.

However, some disputes may nevertheless exist – despite precautions.

There are a number of methods to deal with construction litigation. These include litigation, negotiation management, expert determination, conciliation and arbitration. Which method is appropriate for any controversy that depends on a number of factors, including contractual provisions that specify the method of argument resolution should be used? It is important to have the opportunity to negotiate the terms of the construction contract disputes and develop the appropriate procedures for resolving disputes from the beginning of sentences.

Construction disputes are often related to issues of fact or technical experts and determination can be used to resolve such disputes. Arbitration is most appropriate for complicate litigation, which may include the interpretation of a construction contract or conduct assessments of the parties. Choosing the wrong methods of argument resolution procedures can be expensive. One must choose a solicitor who has experience in all methods of argument resolution in different situations and can help you make the right choices.

Another aspect of building disputes concerning benefits under the privileges of the Act on occupational accidents. In all situations where a contractor is not paid, the contractor may apply the provisions of this Act to enforce a statutory lien on the land for the contract price paid or unpaid. Privilege must be registered on title in question within 28 days of the amount paid, but lapse, unless measures are taken to apply within 14 days after registration. If the amount of charge is found to be due, the debtor must pay money or privilege is imposed by the court by issuing an order for the sale of land that the lien relates.

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