The Benefits Of Motorized Dampers

The Benefits Of Motorized Dampers

If you own your home, you have learned about heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) by default. The insignificant fact that you own a home has introduced you to all these aspects of maintaining your home in a comfortable state. In order to continue the temperature warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, it’s necessary to have a properly functioning ventilation system. A motorized damper will eliminate manual operation and function according to the reading on the thermostat.

The damper allows or obstructs the entrance and exit of air into and out of the home. It’s placed at the end of a piping system, usually in the wall, soffit, gable, foundation or the roof of a building. It can control air flow for an complete zone, for example all the bedrooms on the top floor of a home, maintaining a comfortable temperature for sleeping. A damper may be used to control air flow for a particular room in addition.

The motorized damper’s design can be with a spring return, multi-blade function or it can have a strength open and close characterize. End switches can come with some of these models, allowing you to function other vent related appliances when the motorized damper is completely opened or closed at complete strength. Most function with 24 volt or 120 volt strength.

Spring return dampers come in a 4 inch diameter to a 20 inch diameters with a 24 volt motor. Many of these dampers are used chiefly as fresh air dampers, not for zoning. Multi-blade dampers are most frequently used in tunnel and metro ventilation systems. A multi-blade damper works well for air flow, zone control and air exhaust. They use aluminum blades in opposed degrees. This material is light weight, however very strong and makes a great functioning damper. The open and close powered dampers can function two to three zones at one time.

To ensure that your home is free of stall air or air that is too cold or too hot, a working damper is needed. The kind of damper chosen is based on your lifestyle and the kind of HVAC system you currently own. Selecting the ideal damper for your needs can rule to your family’s comfort year round or a series of consistent complaints about their without of comfort. Installing a motorized damper eliminates any manual operation that might have before been required by your HVAC system and allows your family to enjoy comfort without any additional effort on your part.

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