Starcraft 2 Units and Structures

We are going to give you a fleeting overview of all the Starcraft 2 units and their structures! Knowing the basics of the game is absolutely meaningful to success and you can start your quest to be the best today!

Most of these units and structures have existed in the original Starcraft or just have been improved. This just a quick fleeting list, we are later going to recommend a strategy guide that can go really in-thoroughness with each unit!

Protoss Units
The following is a list of protoss units
Probe, Zealots, Stalkers, Nullifier, High Templars, Dark Templars, Twilight Archon, Oberserver, Phase Prism, Phoenix, Colussus, Warp Ray, Phase prism, phoenix, colossus, warp ray, carriers

Protoss Structures
Nexus, Pylon, Assimilator, Gateway, Photon Cannon, Forge, Twilight Council, Cybernetics chief, Robotics Facility, Dark Obelisk, Fleet Beacon, Null Circuit, Robotics sustain Bay, Stargate, Templar Archives

Zerg Units
Larva, Drone, Overlord, Overseer, Zergling, Baneling, Roach, Hydralisk, Lurker, Corruptor, Mutalisk, Nydus Worm, Infested Marine, Infestor, Queen, Ultralisk, Swarm Guardian

Zerg Structures
Hatchery which evolves into a lair, and finally a hive, extractor, spawning pool, evolution chamber, hydralisk den -> thorough warren, Spine crawler, Spore crawler, roach warren, baneling nest, crawl tumor, Nydus Network, spire -> great spire, Infestor Pit, Ultralisk Cavern

Terran Units
SCV, Marine, Marauder, Ghost, hellion reaper, siege tank, Viking (fighter & assault mode), Medivac dropship, Banshee, Nighthawk, Battle Cruiser, Thor

Terran Structures
Command center (planetary fortress, surveillance stop add-ons), refinery, supply depot, barracks (tech lab, reactor chief), engineering bay, missile turret, sensor tower, bunker, ghost academy, factory, antimatter chief, armory, starport (tech lab, reactor chief)

And thats it; its recommended that you get an in thoroughness view on each individual unit out there (there are a lot clearly) and you want to put this into your strategy. By knowing the game inside and out, you can definitely destroy your opponents and definitely move up in rankings!

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