SEO Hosting and Web Design

SEO Hosting and Web Design

SEO hosting and web design is a fairly new concept in the field of search engine optimization. In fact, some online marketers are not aware that such a concept exists. But if you are a serious online entrepreneur, then you should pay close attention to it.

SEO hosting and web design can make or break an online business. You can surely rule the first pages of Google and other search engines once you apply it. But if you brushed it aside, then your website will not enjoy enormous free traffic from the search engines. And everyone knows that an online business needs traffic or web visitors in order to survive.

So, what exactly is it? Is it a new technique? Is it a secret code or configuration? Or is it a rare form of hosting service?

The last question hit the nail on the head. It is a service offered by highly specialized web hosting providers. The service typically incorporates offsite and onsite optimization. And the meaningful to this kind of hosting is the use of different C-Class IP addresses to serve several websites.

Basically, if you have five websites hosted on the same server with one IP address, the links of these websites will be discounted by Google. But if each of your sites has a different C-Class IP, then you can effectively build link popularity which is highly favored by Google and other search engines.

This is the basic assumption of SEO hosting and web design. It incorporates onsite design optimization techniques in addition as the use of different server IP addresses in order to fully maximize link popularity.

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