Scope of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training

Scope of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training

Cloud computing is the latest technology in data storage to take the world by storm. In many companies, it is already being used with great success. It is here that Microsoft is one up against its competitors by launching Azure. To know about the product and to understand cloud storage better, one needs to undergo a Microsoft Azure fundamentals training course.

Microsoft Azure is more than insignificant cloud servicing with Windows. The American giant has produced a wide range of cloud computing sets that work easily with several Linux distributions, just in addition as with other server Operating Systems. By learning about Microsoft Azure fundamentals, all the above knowledge can be attained.

Uses of Microsoft Azure

Azure is helpful for several reasons, and data storage is just one of them. Here is a fleeting look at them all:

Solving start-up problems – Those who learn about Azure fundamentals get to know how it has solved problems for various start-up and Fortune 500 companies. Conceptual topics on accounts and subscriptions are taught to aspirants.
Websites and web hosting – Students learn about the best method of web hosting for Microsoft Azure websites. With this, they build knowledge on the integration of Redis Cache, Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager and Microsoft Azure CDN into the Azure Websites deployment.
Data storage – Aspirants get to learn about different types of storage using the Azure data cloud. They also work on code examples to get comfortable with the technology.
Virtual Machines – Students learn about the different Virtual Machine templates in the gallery. They get to analyze configuration, management and monitoring techniques.

Rapid growth of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a major platform serving the cloud computing market today. It was launched back in 2010, and has come a long way since then. The major change seen has been the adding of an thoroughly new category of sets, along with increased maturity in addition. Among the basic sets additional is Azure Virtual Machines, which is an IaaS computing platform. There are many elements to learn about these virtual machines, which includes understanding its networking features, configuring Azure to monitor and autoscale, and manage Azure Virtual Machine images among others.

Things to watch out for

Well, Microsoft has a knack of doing things differently, and this can be found out while using Azure. The company tends to make a number of people nervous in its initial days since it moves sets off assumption and keeps them on the cloud of another companies set of servers in addition as data centers. However, the first step in the right direction is to get comfortable with this technology.

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