Sai Baba – Numerology – Background

Sai Baba – 23 November 1926 – Life path 25/7

South Indian guru, religious leader and orator, described as a miracle worker, he is considered by his followers as an avatar (incarnation of a divine being) and the reincarnation of the Saint Sai Baba of Shirdi. The young Sathyanarayana (Sathya), as he was called, was a vegetarian and was known for his aversion to animal cruelty and for his compassion for the poor, disabled and elderly.



3 – 6 – 9

22 – –

111- –

The 7 symbolizes Wisdom and Knowledge, Mysticism and Spirituality, by meditation and metaphysical study. bright thinkers, they analyze, probe and probe for hidden information as a matter of course. They seeks deeper truths in the world around them. As a consequence, they tend towards introspection and can appear aloof. They are also specialists and perfectionists. However, 7s can balance the pursuit of knowledge with compassion and human sensitivity. This combination inspires wisdom.

Sai Babas numerology also shows he is a passive 7 which can average being inclined towards secrecy and emotional withdrawal, and already cunning.

He has two lines of strength:

The Line of the Intellect or Higher Self and The Line of the Planner. People with the first line can find creative solutions to problems, can organize their thoughts well, and inspire others with their insights about the universe around them. The second line method they demonstrate a good planning ability and are orderly, efficient and willing to cooperate to get things done.

The 11 in his birth date is a Master number and represents psychic ability and enhanced possible in terms of deeper truths. 11s can gain public attention and locaiongs of influence where they can better pursue their visionary ideals. They can also be psychic healers, religious leaders, or be highly influential in sociological, political or ecological organizations.

Life Path 25/7: dominant issues for the 25/7 are trusting self and others, and discipline and focus. Most 25/7s have this clear-cut issue, which make sharing their feelings and revealing their vulnerability especially challenging. Due to subtle fears of being shamed or betrayed, they tend to draw back inside themselves emotionally or already physically. They may avoid intimate human relationships. Because of their world-class thinking abilities, 25/7s can find external success, but it is their inner processes that need their attention if they are to find happiness, instead of worldly pursuits.


Sathyanarayana Raju was born to parents in a poor agrarian (farming) family in a far away village, Puttaparthi , located in Andhra Pradesh. An official four-quantity biography, called a hagiography by the Daily Telegraph, written by Professor Narayana Kasturi, reported that his mother found herself pregnant after dreaming of the Hindu Lord Sathyanarayana Swamy, and after a huge sphere of blue light rolled in and made her faint. It is also believed that instruments played of their own accord in his household.

The young Sathya reportedly composed bhajans spontaneously (already as young as 8 years of age). A bhajan is a Hindu devotional song, often of ancient origin. Great importance is credited to the singing of bhajans with Bhakti, i.e. loving devotion. (This is an act by which we feel closer to either our true self or to God).

Puttaparthi was originally a small village, but now houses an extensive University complicate, a World Religions Museum that has won several international awards for design, a spiritual museum, a Planetarium, hill-view stadium, airport, railway stop etc. Sathya Sai Baba resides much of the time in his main ashram, Prashanthi Nilayam (abode of highest peace) at Puttaparthi. The daily program at Sai Babas ashrams usually begin with the chanting of OM and a morning prayer (Suprabatham), followed by Veda Parayan (chanting of the Vedas), morning devotional songs and twice daily bhajans and darshans (turn up of Sai Baba to devotees).

considerably, at darshans during October (the Dasara holidays) and November (his month of birth), Sai Baba walks among his followers and may interact with people, accept letters, materialize and spread vibhuti (holy ash) or call groups or individuals for interviews. Interviews are chosen solely by the gurus discretion. Followers consider it a great privilege to get an interview and sometimes a single person, group or family will be invited for a private interview. People who receive such interviews may be startled by the materializations and the disclosures that Sathya Sai Baba as a clairvoyant discloses of their own lives.

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