MT-2 – When Does the Magic Happen?

Melanotan 2 has many effects users seek out. The only synthetic aphrodisiac on the market, the effects of Bremelantide (PT-141) via MT-2 is amazing. Melanotan 2 can indeed be that magic Barbie peptide which goes beyond Bremelanotide affecting ones facial hair, photoprotection, & appetite – weight loss! A dark sexy beard is often a rare perk for those with light or patchy facial hair. Appetite reduction, energy and increasing gym productivity are more positives of MT-2. Then of course, the magic happens when the tan sets in and is dialed in. Photo-protection by MT-2 is certainly the most impressive characteristic which results in life changing opportunity.

Melanotan 2 and Libido

MT-2 can consciously be used as an advantage in the libido dept. Good times are right around the corner when used properly. Be aware that dosing too high too soon leads to a bad time. measure escalation and assessing ones tolerance is crucial.

For most users, getting sick and experiencing nausea is not high on the agenda. To avoid the initial post injection nausea MT-2 users carefully estimate tolerance. Starting extremely low and escalating the measure is wise. A.25mg measure is very small and for first time users it is advised to measure on a complete stomach, an anti-histamine in your system, at around bedtime. This way a user has the odds on their side that they will experience nothing from the injection. The injection site sometimes itches for a few minutes or can have some discomfort. A seasoned user will not likely encounter any side effects.

The ultimate synthetic aphrodisiac experience can be seen with proper planned MT-2 use. When your body can manager and is ready for that 1-2mg measure, 2-4 hours before the encounter…game on! There are many variables that come into play in regards to PT-141/MT-2/the synthetic aphrodisiac. Variables such as sex (male/female – works for both), timing, measure, stress/mood and expectations all are factors.

Depending on your objectives, MT-2 can increase ones libido in a matter of hours or a week or two before realizing the effects. Many times users really dont pay attention or are aware of the libido similarities. Often men will proportion that their morning wood is something to take observe of. Women claim the effects are long lasting, up to 3 days after administration. Others will be kept up at night with desire. Then some can be in sync with their MT-2 libido tolerance and plan a aphrodisiac date night to be remembered. 😉

MT-2 Black Beard

For the blond, strawberry, ginger, auburn, etc hair types out there the MT-2 will effect facial hair growing in. Very scarce that hair color will change on your head. With extensive use it can effect body hair…but again, scarce. Beginning MT-2 users who are loading up, assessing their tolerances and building up their photoprotective skin via MT-2 will start to see the beard coming in darker approximately 2-3 weeks into usage. Somewhere between 20-30mg a user should be able to see a darker color.

Many enjoy this effect and grow out or sport their shadow with more frequency. One issue which users should be aware of is that they should nevertheless be paying close attention to hygiene & upkeep. With the adding emphasis on tanning and/or exercise…one shouldnt necessarily let the facial hair get out of control – already with it looking attractive. Every now and again users will report an increase in oil. You want a black beard, not black heads. Also you want to keep the pores straight and not invite unnecessary ingrown hairs. Flattering compliments about facial hair is not the norm for many Melanotan users, until they experience it!

The Barbie Effect

Melanotan 2 has been coined the barbie drug by the media etc years back as it was found to make one tan, skinny and feel on top of the world (aphrodisiac). It will indeed decline your appetite. Some users use it for this reason as there are more and more studies on melacortins and obesity. Folks who are not interested in appetite reduction have to work on dosing at appropriate times, be aware of not over consuming when the MT-2 isnt present in the system and measure at the right mg. Some advocate smoking herb before injects to not only hedge any nausea, but to keep the appetite functioning at a high capacity. Other peptides like HGH and some of the growth hormone anti-aging secretalogues also work to increase appetite and give an edge to their skin/rejuvenation. Over eating can be factored in according to the desired lifestyle – have however to see any user logs where anyone gets fat and tan on MT-2.

The combination of the aphrodisiac, the sun light, weight loss, complements…they are all part of the barbie occurrence. Users frequently comment about increased productivity in the gym – nothing scientific to back these claims. Some studies in regards to melancortins and insulin sensivity, etc are out there. Stay tuned until these are discussed further. On the flip side users can also find themselves lethargic on MT-2. If Mt-2 is making you tired, take a few days off from dosing as it wont hurt a thing. It is all about finding the right Barbie balance

The Magic Tan

As a seasoned Melanotan peptide user, I ingemination the 5th or 6th week of use being ah ha moment. There were several epiphanies had during the time of experimentation and experience. The feeling of having the superior tan (as compared to a spray tan) which was my own was tops. Beyond that, the experience of being on a lake for extended hours…becoming more tan, not burning…what a excitement. Freedom to be in the sun and from the sun is a topic I hope to elaborate on in thoroughness.

Most users experience doubt, concern, remorse…all part of the initial roller-coaster. I know I was crunching numbers, questioning sanity in regards to UV ray exposure, the injections…the buying course of action…it all sucks. That 10 day to two week mark where some one calls out your awkward pigmentation is not good for the esteem. At a month where your tan surpasses the pigmentation…ahhh, good times! You start to dial in your tan which can resemble that of a quality spray tan. But now you can continue to live outside, do cardio in the gym and swim without fear of your spray on mess transferring off you and often onto your clothes, bed sheets, and other half. MT-2 users are able to forget all that and leave it in the past!

Melanotan magic happens by diligence, understanding and appreciation for the skin. Love and take care of yourself! Melanotan peptides enhance many lifestyles. They should not become more trouble than they are worth. Check out as much info as possible before diving in head first. Find out each reason you should not use before a decision is made. Prepare for everything and expect results – these are some of the most efficacious research peptides on the market.

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