Mauritius – More Than Just a Touch of Paradise

Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean is located off the east coast of Madagascar. At one time it was controlled by Britain, but it attained independence from the British Empire in 1968. The official language is nevertheless English though the one most spoken is a French Creole.

Mauritius is a popular holiday destination. Many Europeans are attracted to a Mauritius holiday by its excellent climate, beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels. It is considered by many to be the paradise island and one of the worlds most desirable holiday destinations.

The beaches are characterised by their fine white sands, clear waters, and palm trees. Here you can enjoy the sun whilst you take in the spectacular surroundings, take part in water sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, and thorough sea fishing. Famous beaches include Belle Mare with its thorough lagoon on the eastern side of the island and to the north there is Mont Choicy, a long beach famous for its stretch of Filao trees planted to protect the sands from erosion.

One of the most popular beaches is Grand Baie which lies on the islands western side. It is great for swimming, and water sports such as windsurfing, water skiing and sailing. It is also a centre for thorough sea fishing and diving. Flic en Flac beach is almost as popular. It stretches for over a mile and has shallow waters protected by surrounding reefs and it is backed by Casuarina trees. Both are worth a visit on your luxury Mauritius holiday.

When the sun goes down the Mauritius nightlife begins. There is no shortage of bars, great restaurants and night clubs where you can party the night away. The cuisine reflects the cultural varied of the island. It is a mix of African, French, Chinese and Indian. Flavours can be strong and spicy, or subtle and discrete. Curries served with rice are popular as are meat, fish and beans.

A Mauritius holiday offers the perfect getaway where you can enjoy more than just a touch of paradise. Take in the sun, the sand, the sea, the food and enjoy meeting the very friendly and welcoming Mauritians.

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