Make Cheap International Calls to Anywhere Around the Globe

Make Cheap International Calls to Anywhere Around the Globe

Do you want to make cheap international calls to your loved ones? Well, if your loved ones live oversea, you would likely talk to them. But the thought of insanely high phone bills and expensive calls may stop you from making those conversations longer.

But the fact is that you dont need to burn a hole in your pocket to connect with your loved ones in Paraguay. So here are a few tips you can use to make an almost free best call to Paraguay.

Tips for Making Cheap or Free International Calls

1. Make Free Online Calls Using Apps

One of the best ways to make international calls free of charge is by using calling apps. Apps that allow you to make audio and video calls are the easiest ways of calling your loved ones oversea. You dont need to think about the duration of the calls and neither the frequency. The only thing that you would require is a stable internet connection. And also, the call will be possible if you both are using the same app. If theres a without of internet connection or equipment on one side, you nevertheless have an option to call from the app to mobile phones or landlines. But for that, you need to buy store credits.

There are apps like –

Skype Telegram Whatsapp Facetime Google Duo Viber Facebook Messenger 2. Paid Call Providers

There are private call providers also that you can go for. They provide you with cheap call options that are better than making direct international calls.

One of those providers is It is one of those places where you can get the best deals for making long-distance calls to Portugal, Paraguay, and anywhere else. Here are the features of

No Hidden Charges:- The best part is that you only pay for the amount of time that you talk. except that, there arent any hidden charges or fees. Rounding of 1 Minute:- Also, you get charged to make calls by rounding of 1 minute. So, you have to pay on that basis only. Calls with No Expiration Date:- The voice credit that you buy never expires. So, you can use those credits whenever you want to. Quality Calls Every Time:- You dont need to worry about choppy phone calls with disturbance. The latest telecom technologies guarantee the best quality of the calls you make to your loved ones. All you need to do is to go to the website of Then get the smart pack for the country where you want to make the call. go into the amount for the credit that you want to buy.

For mobile phone calls, you get charged $0.009/min. So you get 556 minutes for $5. For SMS, you pay $0.0070/SMS. So, you get 714 SMS for $5.

There are other subscription options also that include Global Unlimited calling for $40/ month. There is also a family unlimited subscription where you get an unlimited calls package to Portugal, Paraguay, or other international places for $10.

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