Love Spells – Do They Work? (And the HUMILIATING Experience I Hate to …

What is a love spell? Do they WORK, or are they new age mumbo jumbo that wont do anything other than embarrass you for trying? Is it MAGIC, or marketing or simply just myth?

But FIRST… understand this, because its true:

A love spell, or curse, or hex, or relationship spell, is NOT indicative of genuine psychic ability. As a matter of fact, I dont already know any authentic psychics who truly believe in this sort of thing themselves… let alone practice it with the public.

Psychic ability is about intuition, and empathy, and a thorough and profound sensitivity to the magic and the mystery of the world that lives within us all.

Hexes, and spells and magic for the purpose of manipulation… is something much different altogether.

The truth is, love spells are NOT the way to get someone to fall in love with you in real life… nor are they the solution for getting someone back who is already gone. (or has one foot out the door)

Love spells are NOT, in my opinion… authentic applications of genuine psychic skill, and anyone who promises you that they are, or that they WILL get back the love thats left, is pretty much telling you only what you want to hear. (and the likelihood is, they are planning on charging you a pretty penny to make it happen)

My OWN experience with a love spell psychic was pretty bad… and looking back on it now, pretty embarrassing to boot!

It was 10 years ago, cost me almost $1000 and involved all sorts of weird rituals and incantations that Im pretty sure were just being made up on the fly. It also involved me walking around with a certain kind of crystal, for a certain period of time… and I feel pretty foolish admitting it here, but I did it! (and no… my boyfriend not only never came back, he married someone else and I never already heard from him again… 🙂

If you really want genuine relationship advice, from an HONEST emotional intuitive, just ask for it. There are many ways that a love or relationship empath can help you, and can see things that you wont, or dont… or already have access to on your own. Of this, Im not only certain, Ive also experienced it myself far too many times to count.

But when it gets into the magical areas, and elements, of psychic readings, unfortunately… no matter how much you WANT him (or her) to come back into your life, a spell, hex or potion is not going to make it happen. (but other intuitive insights very well COULD!)

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