How to Squirrel Proof My Backyard

How to Squirrel Proof My Backyard

Anyone who enjoys watching birds in their backyard can understand the frustration of watching squirrels take over a feeder and they will not let up until every bit of seed is gone. There are many strategies you can try to discourage squirrels from getting in the way of your bird watching enjoyment.

The first step to solving this problem is finding the right squirrel proof bird feeder for your particular situation. You may not be able to hang your feeder so in this case you should look at mounting it on a post. If you decide to go this route, make sure that you also incorporate a question below the feeder so that the squirrels cannot climb up the pole. Make sure it is high enough so that the squirrels can’t just jump over it.

If you decide that you want to hang your squirrel proof bird feeder then I would recommend installing a deflector above it to deter their access to your feeder. It will also help the seed from getting wet which in turn will make it mouldy. Some are obtainable with a built-in motor that will cause the feeder to spin once their weight is on it. The ultimate goal is to try and not give squirrels the option of getting on your feeder in the first place but with the many clever designs obtainable today, you don’t always have to go by the effort of installing these accessories.

Most squirrel proof bird feeders rely on a weight activated devise to close the feeding stop or ports when a squirrel steps or climbs onto it. clearly if your feeder is hanging in a location where the squirrel can just reach over and grab a free meal, it doesn’t matter how good or affective the mechanism is.

Some other options that can work is to spray the seed with a squirrel deterrent which is usually a “spicy” flavour that does not seem to affect birds. Cayenne pepper is another option. You can also spray or sprinkle a deterrent in the area where you do not want squirrels to be. There are animal repellers obtainable that claim to keep most animals away by emitting a sound that is bothersome to them but cannot be heard by humans. And of course, there are motion detected sprinklers.

The last strategy is to setup a squirrel feeder. This is a good way to keep all the visitors in your yard happy. The squirrels will be occupied with their own food and will most likely put much less effort into accessing your bird feeder. The squirrel feeders obtainable are truly quite entertaining so this may help you be less frustrated dealing with your situation.

We all ask ourselves, how can I get these squirrels off my bird feeders? What can I do to deter these squirrels from my yard? What is the best squirrel proof bird feeder obtainable? For all the information you need to defeat the squirrels and start enjoying all the birds again, come and visit our website and read reviews about the top squirrel proof bird feeders and related products.

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