How to Grow Grapevines With Other Crops

How to grow grapevines is both a science and an art. The ability of the grapevine owner in fashioning a good layout design plays a major role in the vineyards overall turn up. Some vineyards make good background for wedding receptions or parties and other events because of the creative effort of the owner in trellis management and vineyard layout design.

Growing grapevines is also a science because grape planters need to follow some rules in order to arrive at a high provide. They need technological know how to protect the grape plants from negative weather condition, pests and diseases in addition as tools to measure the pH of the soil and ripeness level of the grapes. In an effort to maximize the use of a land planted to grapes, reduce pests infestations and as an additional income, most farmers these days resort to intercropping. This article will give you some tips on what plants are best suited as companion crops to grapes.

It was believed that clover can increase soil fertility and aphids can be repelled if you intercrop chives with your grapes. Farmers said that the growth of weeds and crab grass can be inhibited if thymes will be planted between rows of your vine. While others use black medic or hairy vetch, oil seed radish, alfalfa and ryegrass can also be used. The plants commonly used in California are the bell beans, barley and dundale beans.

One of the benefits of intercropping grapes with other plants is it can control or remove pests in a natural way. Do you realize that planting blackberries in your vineyard perimeter can control the entry of leafhoppers? The planting of Queen Annes Lace and Alyssum can attract the minute pirate bugs which is an enemy to your vines mealybugs. In short, the pests attacking on your intercrops can help you get rid of those pests in your grapevine.

When the prices of grapes are down, in the sudden increase of a disease or when the vines are nevertheless not producing, a companion crop can provide another source of income. Depending on your locality, there are many crops out there that can be intercropped with grapes. Salad crops, herbs, ginseng already strawberries are just some of them. With a little of creativity and resourcefulness, how to grow grapevines with other crops as a source of additional cash for the family can be a rewarding experience. The list of viable plants that can be a intercropped with grapes are extensive truly.

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