How to Find an Accurate Psychic Online WITHOUT Wasting Time or Money on FAKES

How to Find an Accurate Psychic Online WITHOUT Wasting Time or Money on FAKES

o else is looking for an accurate psychic, and is sick and tired of the hype, the “free’ readings and the suspicious sales pages that sound too good to be true? Are you in need of genuine psychic advice, and simply don’t have time to waste? If you are anything like I used to be……finding a good psychic you can trust can often take LONGER than the psychic reading itself by a factor of 100..:-)

The truth is, in my experience, only about 10% of the readers working today, especially online are good. Many average well, many try hard, and many care a lot…..but they simply are NOT able to offer any information, advice or insight worth paying for.

The easiest way to find an honest, reputable psychic you can really trust WITHOUT wasting time, energy or income on fakes?

Do your due diligence. use a little bit of time reading reviews, checking out ratings and getting comfortable with a network before you call.

Never use more than $20 dollars on a reading BEFORE the psychic has proved to you they are good. This is meaningful….already when you come across readers who are well rated,and reviewed simply because, in my experience, a good reading is about RAPPORT, and connection as much as it is about ability. (plus you can get LOTS of great information in 20 minutes, which is what you’ll pay for an elite level reading at the networks we recommend)

Stay away from the forums…..the classified sites and the FREE readings that sound too good to be true. The REAL truth? They usually are NOT free….and they’re rarely good, I potential!

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