How to Bounce Back From a Major Setback

How to Bounce Back From a Major Setback

Recovering from a setback is about restoration, getting back up again, getting back in the game again. For as long as one is nevertheless vertical, above ground in the land of the living it is possible to bounce back and make a positive impact on the planet. After realizing that setbacks are permanent in character one should rectify what went wrong fully equipped and armed with the assistance of hindsight. I proportion with you five useful nuggets on how you can bounce back after a major setback.

1. The willingness to do what is required is necessary if you are going to rise again from the ashes like the phoenix. Once you have made up your mind that it is time to get back up again you need to shake off the dust of defeat, confront your fears in the confront and make a decision that this time things will be different. You will revisit your assumptions, and get rid of the ones that were wrong and create a new blueprint incorporating the lessons learned from past mistakes. You may need to seek a coach this time around to help you with the blind spots and the knowledge gaps that caused your downfall in the first place. This time you will proceed with better, more effective wise counsel.

2. Being open to possibilities, opens up a world of alternatives to you because you have removed the blinkers that made you stick to a mission that needed to be changed. Remove self-imposed limitations by making a list of the solutions that are obvious to you. For example, you may have lost a top job and are struggling financially, you may have to accept something menial, and something you wouldn’t ordinarily do for the time being. You may have exited the employment field as a manager but I do not see anything wrong with you accepting a lesser role just to get back into the thick of things again. It’s okay to stoop before you can conquer.

3. At times you need to be a miracle worker if you are going to be restored to past locaiongs of courage, confidence and comfort. You will do much with little resources, without a college education, backing from the banking sector for your business. How will you do that, you may ask? Prepare for the opportunity when you do not have one. Put your faith to work by believing that you will make it back into the game. Do something you have never done before. Life is complete of possibilities.

4. Answer the call of greatness upon your life. Answer it now with a resounding yes. It is my firm belief that the setback you experienced may be the meaningful to your turning point. Looking back many years from now you will appreciate what happened because it changed your course. Life will throw opportunities for personal transformation disguised as disappointments. Get off the detour, side-track road and get back into your assignment. The assignment leads to greatness.

5. You should never quit trying. Do not give up. Some people will try one more time and get disillusioned and disdained because their reappearance attempts were not successful. You need to take one more step, see one more person, fight once more and I will see you at the top because you never gave up.

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