How A Mother Became A Plumber

Any mothers that would like to aim to become a plumber and start a new career can take encouragement from this inspirational story. Clara Bagshaw decided to aim to become a plumber because she wanted to take advantage of the employment opportunities obtainable to women within the industry but needed flexible learning to fit around her home life. The mother of two had a very busy family life having to look after her children and ensuring that they got off to school which made training for a new career particularly difficult because of the obvious time constraints.

Ms Bagshaw was able to enrol onto a four week plumbing course which provided her with the basic skills and underpinning knowledge to perform the most basic responsibilities around the house. Clara was able to take the plumbing course over evenings and weekends which enabled her to fit her training around taking care of her children following negotiations with nurseries and mothers in law. Ms Bagshaw was able to enjoy flexible learning because she opted to go for a private training provider instead of a further education college which would not be able to provide the same structure of teaching. Clara discovered the most appropriate training provider for her after using search engines, looking at centre websites and researching forums to ensure that you found the right match for her requirements.

Although plumbing is a typically male-dominated ecosystem, Clara was not intimidated by the air and was treated just like any other person who was keen to learn new trade skills. Once she completed the course, Clara began to look into qualifications that would permit her to begin working within the industry in both commercial and domestic similarities. Achieving the right qualifications is now the next step for Ms Bagshaw as she has already learned that there are many organisations out there that are looking to use female plumbers.

Many local authorities are keen to hire women plumbers because they have residents such as unprotected people and the elderly who are not always comfortable with having a man come into their house. Clara will need to unprotected to the City & Guilds 6189 qualification before she can seriously start thinking about working as a practising plumber because it is the industry recognised entry level award. Luckily for Clara and busy mothers and father, there are many training centres out there which are able to provide this qualification on a flexible basis such as over evenings, weekends or both.

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