Gordon Smith – The English Medium

Gordon Smith – The English Medium

When the subject of a famous English medium comes up the name Gordon Smith will inevitably be one of the most often mentioned. The ability to see, communicate with, and understand, the people who have passed on before us is what makes a famous English medium out of Gordon Smith.

Gordon Smith has written several books and given countless lectures to people on the subject of the afterlife. He has the rare ability to be able to hear the voices of people who have passed away before us. He has the ability to explain to us what is going to happen when we leave this earthly experience and go into into the next phase of our existence.

Mr. Smith writes to help us understand the concepts of heaven and hell. He helps us to understand these concepts and explains what the afterlife holds that discloses the existence of heaven and hell. He helps people to develop levels of human consciousness that helps them to have better experiences when they leave this life for the world beyond death.

So many people fear death because they believe that when they die all consciousness is over and they will cease to exist. Smith helps people to realize that when they die they will journey from this world to the next plane of existence. He helps them analyze and understand the concepts of reincarnation of the soul.

Your soul is the essence of your being and what is truly alive inside you. Your body is nothing more that an elaborate package that your soul needs to exist on this earth and do the earthly things that you want to do. Once the package of your body has been surrendered to death your soul goes on to experience packages on other planes of existence, and in some situations the soul is reincarnated and returned to earth.

This reincarnation explains the past life experiences that so many people have revealed to them. The writings and teachings a famous English medium Gordon Smith has will allow you to understand how you might be reincarnated, and that you may now be a reincarnation. Most of us have experienced the feelings known as deja vu. Deja vu is our past lives and experiences being remembered so that we get the definite feeling that we have done something before already though we know in this life that this is the first time we have attempted this. It also explains why we meet someone and immediately feel as if we have known this person all of our lives. Deja vu explains to us that there is life after death and Smith attempts to help us understand that truth and use it to our advantage.

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