Discover How to Harness Your Sixth Sense of allurement With Pheromones

Discover How to Harness Your Sixth Sense of allurement With Pheromones

Do pheromone perfumes and colognes really work? Scientists seem to think so including researchers at Harvard University where they are working hard to uncover the sixth sense of scent.

Long though idle in humans, researchers have discovered that tiny vomeronasal organs in the nostrils are the seat of the sixth sense. This is not about psychic powers; it is about our sexual powers.

If you have ever been irresistibly attracted to someone for no logical reason, your sexual sixth sense had taken charge. In order to keep the human race alive, it was imperative that we sought out the best mate to pass on our DNA to the next generation. Our ancestors did this by their sense of smell.

Although we have evolved beyond sniffing out our possible partners, we have not lost the ability to sense Mr. or Ms. Perfect by our nostrils. This body odor is not about sweat but hormones that healthy, reproductively able men and women release in the pursue of continuing our species.

But life is more than reproduction. Some of us just want to find our soul mate and live happily ever after. And those far past their reproductive years nevertheless need love and romance. This is where pheromone perfumes and colognes come into play. Because you first have to attract possible mates before you can find the person that is really right for you. Pheromone scents cause a natural, biological and subliminal allurement in spite of of your physical looks or age.

Pheromones truly are a love potion. They will naturally increase your level of allurement but you will nevertheless have to kiss a frog or two before you find your princess or prince charming. Of course, the more mates you attract, the greater your chances are of finding your soul mate.

While you can increase your animal magnetism by a natural production of pheromones, the ability to generate this chemical does decline with age and is simply less potent in some people. A physically active lifestyle and healthy diet high in foods that are high in zinc and the amino acid L- arginine can help but character may not be enough.

Pheromone perfumes and colognes are the best solution to low pheromone levels. They work on everyone because they mimic the natural scent of sexual allurement. If you could use a little help in the love and romance department or in finding your soul mate, use your sixth sense of scent.

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