Construction in Guam Open For Bids

In recent years, there has been much argue and work toward moving the US military force from Okinawa Japan to the Island of Guam. There is one major issue on the table and that is the enormous construction that will need to be achieved before nearly 6,000 American soldiers can make the move. This has opened up Guam bid requests for all types of construction.

Guam is a wonderful place but has an aged infrastructure that makes this kind of occupancy impossible, and the government there cannot provide to fund the enormous Guam construction projects. Japan and the US have been in continued conversation about sharing the costs, which look to be in the billions. In order to understand what this major arrival of inhabitants would be like, try imagining adding 2.5 million people to New York overnight!

The first order of business in Guam will be shoring up the Port Authority. Currently this port deals with about 100,000 containers per year, with the huge military buildup needs that number will nearly double just from the construction material requirements. Needless to say, there is a great deal of work to be done on this port before any of the other construct projects can begin. As funding for this is settled you can expect to see Guam bid requests for cranes, wharf extensions and expansions to the container storage yard just to name a few.

For the enterprising construction company Guam construction projects could offer a lucrative business opportunity. Water, electricity and sewage facilities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to preparing for over 8,000 military personnel and their families. Some of the current Guam project bids have been in the hundreds of millions of dollars. In May of 2010, contracts were awarded to 7 construction companies for Guam construction that totaled over $4 billion dollars. Construction companies winning these bids are from all corners of the globe including Guam, United States and Canada. Guam construction projects are just getting underway, there are sure to be many opportunities for construction bids before this is complete.

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