Code Igniter – Performance Comparison

Code Igniter – Performance Comparison

PHP is a scripting language chocked with an extensive list of frameworks. PHP also allows the user to create their own exciting frameworks with additional features and assuring better performance. In the past few years a lot of frameworks have evolved in this scripting language, but a few retained the heavy competition.

Code Igniter is a well-known framework in terms of performance and opted by most of the web development companies. It is a web based application framework which helps the users to develop their websites or web application within a short span of time instead of developing the application from the scratch. It will minimize the amount of code you need to build the application and improves the performance instead. This framework has different versions. Code igniter version 2 and the recent version 3, both were filled with high features to build custom PHP applications hence its the choice of developers in addition as web development companies.

This frameworks version 2 was released under the guardianship of Ellis lab and version 3 was released under the stewardship of BCIT (British Columbia institute of technology). When a current version is upgraded to the next level, users expect more additional features.

Take a look at what has been upgraded in the recent version compared to the old version.

A user or developer will focus on the three major parts of a framework, its

Performance Security 3rd party integration.


Performance is the utmost necessity in the present generation. If the framework is not performing well, developers automatically move on to the next framework.

A web development companys goal is to make their website function well with quick search results. This is possible only if the code is optimised, this code has to fetch the records from database and deliver the exact search results.

While comparing performance in both the frameworks, version 2 had some performance issues, but certain improvements were achieved in the framework version 3.

Count_all_results in query builder method is fixed, which dont fail already when ORDER BY condition is used. The library files have been improved by adding APC, Memcache library and its alternation for few performance issues. There are improvements made in database methods,The code csv_from_result () is optimised to get larger consequence sets and the command simple_query () is fixed for better database performance.


Security is a main concern in internet based applications, hence both developers and web development companies search for a secured framework and CMS to build their application.

Code igniter version 2 had security roles which protects it from different malware. Cross site scripting is a security vulnerability that is used by attackers. This framework used XSS filtering to protect the application from such issues. It had a bug with xss_clean () function which is not fixed by Elis lab, but the same bug was fixed in the next version code igniter 3 and it achieved certain exceptional improvements in security.

Cross site scripting is avoided using the xss_clean() Certain roles are additional to avoid great number header injections. Functionality called CAPTCHA helper is additional to use an operating systems pseudorandom number generator.

3rd Party integration:

A website is complete only while bringing the third party integration with it. This may include calendar schedule, e-mail subscription or any of the social media accounts. These files may be in the format of XML, API or JSON.

This framework is flexible to add any number of third party integrations with 3rd party libraries. Both the versions sustain well, version 3 has some of the 3rd party libraries like Google earth, PEM and ICS calendar file. These roles make the website perform well.


Code igniter is a good option in developing new and exciting web applications or web sites. Its performance sets a great expectation for web development companies to create well-functioning sites. Both the versions can be used in building an application, but the version 3 will assistance you better features and improved performance.

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