5 rare Wedding Guest Book Ideas For a rare Wedding

Why is a guest book so important for weddings? Why is it important for the wedding associate?

Guest books are important for the associate because it is the record of the guests and their wonderful comments for the bride and groom. It is considered a treasured memento of the associates wedding that they can go back to year after year as they celebrate their anniversary. Many couples do this reminiscing thing while celebrating their wedding anniversaries to bring back the memories of the celebration- a get-together of families and friends who have given their thoughts and blessings to the associate for a new-found life together.

If you are planning for your wedding, it is an important task to look for rare wedding guest books that you can choose from to make your wedding celebration rare and complete. This task should be personal and you are obliged to pick yours according to your preferences as a associate and as a supplement to your wedding.

1. Themed Wedding Guest book

Themed weddings usually call for tie-ups of other elements such as invitations, attire and many others. If you dont have a particular theme for your wedding, the usual thing to do is to tie your wedding guest book to the color scheme or concept.

A typical and elegant wedding calls for an elegantly designed one with either white or ecru pages, and a concept hardbound cover. You may also want to personalize your guestbook by ordering it from an online stationery store or wedding accessories shop. Finding these personalized guestbooks are easy as the click of your mouse.

2. Photo Wedding Guest Book

There are two types of photo wedding guestbook that you can use during your wedding. The traditional way of taking Polaroid photos during your wedding is one way to have moment photos of family, friends and guests. Take some snapshots of you and your partner with each of your guests [an individual or group or family]. However, in this day and age, the digital camera is a handier piece of gadget that most people are fond of using. However, printing the photo could only be done after the wedding if this is the case; so make sure that your guests sign on specific pages especially for them.

The other kind of photo wedding guest book is where the book itself has photos of you and your partner. typically, photography studios offer this service as an inclusion to their normal photography sets. This is except the wedding album itself, but this guest book contains photos of the wedding associate during the pre-nuptial photo shoot. The guest book is usually a magazine-kind and hardbound, and each page has photos of the associate which appear to be part of the design. This is passed on to the guests during the wedding reception where they can write their well-wishes and congratulatory notes.

3. Wedding Guest Book Plate/Platter

A ceramic plate or platter is a fun and very rare way of having your guests sign and wish you on your wedding day. A large plate/platter is better for weddings of more than 50 guests and you can keep this as a home decor [usually a focal point of a particular room]. Dont forget to provide a fine-point marker to your guests to ensure that their messages will stay permanently on the ceramic surface. You can order these guest book plates/platters online and some stores may also include special markers in addition.

4. Monogrammed Wedding Guest Book

This is another personalization method that you can apply to your wedding guest book. You can order a custom-made wedding guest book which produces the monogrammed initials of the bride and groom. This is a simple addition to your personalized or themed wedding guest book that doesnt cost too much but adds a rare touch to it all in all.

5. Quilted Wedding Guest Book

Quilts by tradition are a great way to include family and friends to create an complete piece [i.e. blanket or tapestry as the most common] out of patches of fabric that are sewn together. Taking this tradition to create a wedding guest book is a rare and interesting way of involving your family, friends and guests to piece together their wishes and good lucks.

Provide your fiber of choice to each of your guests and make sure to provide also some fabric markers. You can ask you groomsmen and bridesmaids to hand out the fabric pieces and markers to your guests. You can also task them to collect the completed pieces and keep them in a box so you can take all of their wishes with you after the reception. The task of sewing the fiber together can be done by you and your partner or you can ask family members to help out. You can frame the quilt once its sewn and characterize it on the wall of your home.

These are just a few of the many ideas that you can apply when you are planning for a rare and interesting wedding guest book. Use your imagination and picture how you would like your wedding guest book will look like. If you are stuck with ideas, you can browse the internet for more info, samples and ideas from wedded couples in addition.

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